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FX 405 Laser

The FX 405 laser scanner offers all of the same benefits that the FX 635 does, with the advantage of adding violet laser for versatility in treatments.

FX 405 Laser

World Leads in Low Level Laser Technology

In addition to the violet laser’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, it also produces more energy per photon which research shows that the combination of violet and red lasers results in greater pain relief. The violet laser also enhances reactive oxygen species (ROS), which plays an important role in facilitating pain and inflammation reduction.  

Product Description

The FX 405 uses low-level laser technology and patented laser diode arms to precisely target pain centers. The body absorbs the light energy, which encourages the cell’s mitochondria to produce more ATP and promotes natural healing within the cell. 

Because the laser merely stimulates the cells to promote healing naturally, the FX 405 provides pain relief and reduces inflammation with no adverse side effects.  

The FX 405 uses low-level laser

How it works

For Medical Professionals

Medical professionals have trusted Erchonia’s low-level lasers for treating various conditions for over 25 years and are increasingly turning to the valuable benefits of LLLT to manage a range of conditions more safely and effectively. 

With the FX 405 medical staff can spend less time performing each treatment and use this valuable time to treat more patients and perform necessary tasks. Thanks to its triple-head, hands-free design, the medical professional just has to set up the FX 405 and go. This allows the physician to see other patients while the FX 405 does its work.

Are you ready to see just how easy and effective the low-level FX 405 laser is to implement into your practice?

FDA Erchonia Pain Market Clearances

Erchonia complies with the highest clinical testing. All Erchonia level (1) clinical trials have gone through the FDA pre-IDE process, IRB approval, and are based on pilot research to ensure customers that the laser they are purchasing has been proven safe and effective by the FDA. 

90% of all medical devices are substantially equivalent with no clinical research, of the 10% that are, only few submit blinded and controlled studies. United States Food and Drug Administration 

2002 Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain
2004 Post-Surgical Pain after Liposuction
2008 Post-Surgical Pain after Breast Augmentation
2014 Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Pain
Overall Nociceptive Musculoskeletal Pain
Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain using Red and Violet Laser
2018 Chronic Low Back Pain
Overall Post-operative Pain