Morning Sickness

IV Fluid

Drinking something probably sounds like just about the worst thing in your current state of nausea. This blend of IV fluid and electrolytes to quickly restore precious fluids when you’re vomiting.

These are the fluids that provide oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and to your baby. These Mobile IV Medics IV fluids are formulated to go directly into and stay in the bloodstream giving you the instant benefits you need. 

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Tri-Immune Boost is a power-packed
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Vitamin B Complex

Pyridoxine (B6) is an important vitamin when it comes to nausea and vomiting. As first line therapy during pregnancy, it’s been shown to greatly improve nausea with no sign of harm to the baby.

Additionally, pyridoxine is part of the popular prescription morning sickness medication Diclegis®. 

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+/- Anti-Nausea & Vomiting Medicines

These medications are mainstay hospital treatments for nausea and vomiting for both pregnant and non-pregnant patients alike. They have been shown to significantly improve both nausea and vomiting more effectively than other treatments. 

Your baby’s safety is our primary goal so while available data for one medication in early pregnancy doesn’t demonstrate a high-risk for congenital malformation, we will require either demonstration of a prescription, your OB’s approval, or consultation with our medical director to provide you this during your first trimester.  

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These medications are mainstay

Please remember all of our treatments may be customized

Please let us know if you have any questions or needs regarding your treatment selection. Be sure to ask about add-in treatments to optimize your IV therapy.